How to leverage your local community to attract new patients

Leveraging your local market is a key way for doctors to position themselves as an expert and provides new opportunities to form relationships with residents and business owners.  Partnering with local business owners who have a similar client base can create a win-win for your medical practice and the local business owner.  

For example:

  • Partnering with personal trainers who can refer to your office for body sculpting
  • Partnering with salon owners who can refer to your office for aesthetics, injectables or laser treatments
  • Partnering with primary care doctors who can refer patients for women's health procedures

Additionally, these types of efforts can help you build your email list and social media following.  

Getting started is as simple as finding a role in community outreach that feels comfortable for you. We have a few ideas to help you get started, plus a Guide to Community Outreach that you can download below.

  1. Chamber of Commerce: Join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend events consistently. Often times the Chamber will help you to host a networking event at your office.  Local business owners come in for refreshments and get to see everything you offer at your clinic.  If you're having a grand opening, the Chamber can organize a ribbon cutting and press exposure.  Forming relationships with local business owners is important to establishing strong connections within your community and helps to build your business quickly.
  2. Sponsor an Event/Race: Sponsor a fundraising event such as a 5k race. Typically, sponsorship includes advertising at the event. Attend the event as a sponsor. Be present and visible, setting up a station to hand out water or snacks to participants or helping with parking.  You can also include a coupon for a discount at your office that goes into each race bag at the 5K race.
  3. Bridal Shows & Health Fairs: Participate in local events in your city or town. Most events have space for local businesses to set up a booth and promote through handing out promotional items such as pens, buttons, or flyers. Additionally, you can donate your services as an item for raffles or silent auctions.
  4. Silent Auctions: Gain visibility for your name and practice by donating to a silent auction.  We suggest creating a basket with before/after photos and giving away a free treatment or package.  Be sure to include lots of business cards for the attendees of the event!  You'd be surprised how these silent auction items can generate new people into your practice while donating to a great cause in your area.  

As you begin to involve yourself in your local community, using social media can be beneficial in promoting your practice and publicizing your involvement in community outreach.  

Community involvement does not have to be time-consuming, many of the opportunities only require a few hours each week. However, using your time to give back not only helps to increase employee engagement and build community relations, but it also promotes your practice as a byproduct.


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