5 Tried & True Guidelines for Getting more 5-Star Online Reviews

  1. DON’T ask every patient for a review! In your team huddle each morning, pull up the schedule and see who is coming in. Identify one or two of your patients who love your practice and you suspect would be happy to leave you a review.
  2. Train your whole staff, but make specific assignments. Don’t set your staff up to fail by saying “OK everyone, we need to get out there today and ask for lots of reviews!” Instead, decide together who will be asking for reviews that day and have them report on how it goes. You know which team members have the closest relationships with each patient. Set them up for success!
  3. Set a goal and frame your request for reviews around it. Instead of asking for a review, ask your patients for “help in reaching your practice’s reviews goal.” Context matters! Just this small change makes it easier for team members to bring it up. Let patients know that you value their feedback and that this will help you serve them better.
  4. Offer an incentive—not to patients, but to your team. We’ve found
  5. in hundreds of cases that patients don’t need a reward to give a review. Offering an incentive to your team members, however, will help them remember to ask for reviews in with all the other things they
  6. have to do. Consider giving out individual prizes per review and team rewards as your practice reaches reviews milestones!
  7. Launch an official reviews campaign. Instead of just mentioning o -hand to your team that you’re looking to get more reviews, create an environment for success by making it a full practice initiative! Devote team meeting time specifically to talking about reviews progress and brainstorming ideas. Announce your reviews goal in your practice with posters, cards, buttons, and handouts. You know how much reviews can make your practice better—so make it a big deal!

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