7-Day Instagram Post Plan for Doctors

7 Day Instagram Content Plan for Doctors

SAVE THIS BLOG POST 📌 and put it on repeat for your weekly Instagram posting plan if you don't already have a strategy in place.   

Be sure you are GIVING VALUE to your audience and SHOWING UP for them!
Before you post, ask yourself:
"Is this going to inspire, educate, help, give value to our followers?"
If you answer YES, press post!  If you answer NO, add value to the caption!
Your posts should be selling a product or service, they should be SELLING YOU as the EXPERT that can help them as a patient.  The fastest way to do that is to add value to someone's life with what you post about!
Here is a 7 day content plan for Instagram:
Monday: Post something motivational.  It can be an inspirational or motivational quote or you can share a feel good story you've read about or experienced.  Example hashtag:  #motivationalmonday
Tuesday:  Post something you can teach.  This is where your expertise comes in.  Share with your followers something new you think they may not know about your office and use this opportunity to have them ask questions about what they would like to learn!  Example hashtag:  #TeachingTuesday
Wednesday:  Take time to solve a problem or patient struggle.  Look at the pain points of some of your patients and offer solutions.  For new patients, ask them what they struggle with.  Example hashtag #WednesdayWisdom
Thursday:  Invite your followers to download content freebies.  This could be a recipe, a how to, an e-book, a health tip or a video you've created!  Now's the time to get creative and get your audience to engage and download content so you can grow your email list. Example hashtag:  #ThursdayThoughts
Friday:  Share a patient testimonial or success story.  Let your audience know what other patients are saying about your practice.  Create a highlight tab on Instagram that showcases them permanently.  Example hashtag #FridayFeeling
Weekend:  Post something personal.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Your followers like to see what you're like outside of work.  This is a way to connect with your followers on a friendly level.  Example hashtag:  #WeekendVibes

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Whether you're an OBGYN, Urogynecologist, Aesthetic Medicine Provider, Dermatologist, Functional Medicine or Sports Medicine physician, this 7 day plan is sure to boost your engagement on Instagram and provide you with an organized content plan.

Do you want to learn more about how Instagram can help you to attract more patients for your practice? 

Watch our free Instagram training for doctors.  Medical Marketing Whiz will teach you how to create an Instagram business page that attracts new patients to your practice. 

You will learn:

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Instagram Marketing Experts for Medical Practices

Social Media marketing involves a lot more than just throwing up some photos or videos on your page.  It requires that the person in charge of your social media understands how the algorithms work and to use it for growing a business.  Do-it-yourself isn't always a money saver, especially if you're spending time and staff resources on social media and its not growing your bottom line.

If you'd like to learn more about how to market your OBGYN practice using social media marketing and get some honest feedback on what you've been doing on social media, our team is here to chat.  You can schedule a zoom meeting with us here:  https://meetings.hubspot.com/lori43/marketing-strategy-call-with-lori-werner

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