How To Grow Facebook Fast - Medical Marketing Tips

You've just started a Facebook business page for your medical office!  So what's the secret to building a following fast so you can turn those followers into new patients?  In this blog post, we will reveal some simple strategies to grow your Facebook page fast and start attracting new patients to your practice.

1) Make a goal to ask 3 patients a day if they’d be willing to Like your page. If they already Like your page, invite them to check-in for a prize. Prizes may include a $5 gift card, a water bottle, lip balm, etc.

2) Hold a friendly competition between staff members. Have each team member share your practice’s page on their own personal Facebook pages. See who can get the most friends to Like your page!

3) Run a promotion. Choose a fun prize you would like to give away. Set up an entry form online where the first step to enter is to Like your page on Facebook. Also, create an incentive for people who share your promotion on their own Facebook page for additional entries.

4) Have some buttons made with the statement “Ask us about what we’re doing on Facebook”. When asked, tell your patients the benefits of Liking your page! Be sure to role play these conversations beforehand so staff members are comfortable.


  • Take a poll on which new feature you should add to your waiting room
  • Do a weekly team member spotlight post
  • Congratulate a patient on one of their recent accomplishments
  • Give a practice tour using Facebook Live Video
  • Use props and signs in the team and patient photos (hint hint...use our Social Media Selfie Signs!)
  • Share fun team photos of continuing education trips
  • Show how team members root for their favorite sports teams
  • Help Fans Get to Know Your Docs (or Staff) With Throwback Thursday Trivia – post a baby photo and ask fans to guess which doctor it is!
  • Do a movie ticket giveaway!  – Create a few posts to capitalize on the craze around a blockbuster movie! Encourage more engagement by asking fans to enter by commenting on their favorite character or movie in the series.
  • Use any of the rest of our 25 Post Ideas!

If you’re feeling good about your Facebook proficiency, it may be time to add another tool. Consider Pinterest, Instagram, or a blog!


Want to learn more about social media marketing for doctors?  Watch our free Social Media 101 training video!

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