Medical Marketing Whiz awarded the Health 2.0 Best Companies Award

Medical Marketing Whiz, a leader in medical marketing for private practice physicians announced today that the company was named the Health 2.0 Best Companies Award, a program honoring excellence in healthcare services and marketing.  Medical Marketing Whiz will accept the award at the 2022 Health 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas in April.  

“It’s always exciting to be recognized by a premier awards program, and it validates our mission to deliver excellence in marketing for our doctors and contribute to patient education and outreach in women’s health”, said Lori Werner, Co-Founder of Medical Marketing Whiz. 

The Health 2.0 Conference assessment committee rated companies on a number of factors, such as industry reputation, financial outlook, leadership, creative DNA, and experience, and the highest score in the marketing category determined the award winner.  

“Medical Marketing Whiz demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision within the healthcare marketing industry and the willingness to go above and beyond to spur growth”, said Sai Narula, Manager- Delegate Relations, Health 2.0

Lori Werner, Co-Founder of Medical Marketing Whiz and the chief marketing whiz will also be speaking on a panel discussion at the Health 2.0 conference on the topic of the “Impact Of Social Media & Its Repercussions On Mental Health”.  

In addition to the Health 2.0 Best Companies Award, Medical Marketing Whiz was also recently named to DotCom magazine’s 2021 Impact Company Of The Year Awards, Company of the Year in the Healthcare Marketing edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine, and certified as one of the Best Places to Work for 2021-22 by Great Places to Work.  


Medical Marketing Whiz is the leader in practice growth for doctors in the specialties of OBGYN, urogynecology, aesthetics and concierge medicine.  Lori Werner and Glenn Akins, co-founded Medical Marketing Whiz in 2018 and have quickly become one of the most sought-after marketing agencies in North America.  

The company serves as an outsourced chief marketing officer for private practice physicians and serves as an extension of the client’s team, implementing a proven marketing system, called the Dr. Marketing Blueprint, that includes social media marketing, email marketing, reputation management, local search engine optimization and patient education events and webinars.  

Medical Marketing Whiz’s personalized approach to marketing helps practices grow in-office procedures such as intimate health, aesthetics, or hormone therapy and be known as the go-to expert in their local market.

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About Health 2.0 Best Companies Award

Health 2.0 Best Companies Award is awarded to companies who have made impactful contributions and have been leading change in the healthcare sector.  Nominees are evaluated in five areas:  Industry reputation, creative DNA, financial outlook, competitive edge, and strong leadership. The final score is calculated by arriving at an aggregate of the above 5 grades. This cumulative grade helps to determine the final ranking of the honoree individual or organization.

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