Medical Marketing Whiz Receives 2019 Best of Canton Award

Best Medical Marketing Company

CANTON August 20, 2019 -- Medical Marketing Whiz has been selected for the 2019 Best of Canton Award in the Marketing Agency category by the Canton Award Program.

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Email Marketing Tips for Doctors

Doctors' Best Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is the secret of the busiest doctors and medical practices.  In fact, 60% of marketers say email marketing produces their highest marketing ROI. At Medical Marketing Whiz, we specialize in email marketing for doctors.  Here are some tips for growing your email list, building loyalty and generating revenue.  

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Where to Start With Marketing?

Medical Marketing can seem overwhelming. In the digital age, there are so many different tactics that it’s hard to know which one or two things actually produce results. And let’s face it, your staff is already spread very thin and doesn’t always have the time to dedicate to marketing, so the “marketing can” gets kicked down the road for another month. Or maybe you have a “set it and forget it” mentality and keep running the newspaper ad month after month, or the Google AdWords campaign and you really have no idea if your marketing dollars are even being spent well.

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The Top 5 Reasons Patients Are Leaving Your Practice

~ Lori Werner, Medical Marketing Whiz

Doctors are constantly trying to attract new clients into their practice. However, it is important to understand why patients leave a practice. Why do patients switch physicians or switch dentists and go to a competitor?

After working with hundreds of doctors across the US and talking to them about why their patients leave, Glenn and I have come up with a list of what we believe are the five main reasons that patients leave the practice. Then, I want to give you a couple of tips to help you offset that and slow down the rate of patients leaving the practice.

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The Power of Video

Posted by Medical Marketing Whiz on Jul 31, 2019 6:30:20 PM

Topics: Email Marketing, Social Media, Video, Website

~ Glenn Akins, Medical Marketing Whiz

The topic I'm going to share with you today is a big game changer for getting a presence on social media and Google search reviews. We are going to talk about the benefits of having a youtube channel. I know there's a lot of other video upload sites where you can store your videos but I want to talk to you specifically about youtube and I'll tell you why. I'm going to share some stats with you to show why you should have video on your website.

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Quick Tips for Medical Marketing

Posted by Medical Marketing Whiz on Jul 31, 2019 6:20:44 PM

Topics: Email Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media, Website

1.  You MUST have a mobile friendly website!!  Your website is your online home for your practice.  More than 80% of patients consider a doctor or hospital to be more cutting edge if they have an active online presence.  Your website needs to showcase your practice and what patients can expect when they choose you as their physician.  The site should be build in Wordpress and optimized for search engines (SEO) in order for prospective patients to find you online.  Learn more about medical marketing websites and SEO.

2.  Collecting patient emails is a MUST!  Your staff should be collecting every patient's email address.  Your website should also generate leads and help you to build your email list.  Include opt-in on your website where patients can subscribe to office news and special VIP pricing.  Email marketing can be used for monthly patient newsletters, promotion of new services, introducing a new provider and reminding patients of their appointments.  Email is FREE and you should be using it!  Healthcare marketing emails have been shown to have the #2 open rate of any other business type.  Learn more about email marketing!

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