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Expert's Tips for Hosting a Webinar for your Medical Office

You’ve heard about webinars but don’t know how they work or haven’t had time to invest in them - now is time to take action and host your first webinar.  One of the most effective ways to educate current and prospective patients on the services you offer is to host a webinar.  Webinars allow you to position yourself as a thought-leader in your local market, and address patient's questions about treatment options.  

Why is a webinar the ideal way to attract patients?

  • You can reach patients who are online 
  • You can educate patients on sensitive topics
  • Webinars position you as a local expert
  • New patients meet you without leaving their home
  • Webinars allow you to book consultations right away
  • They provide a path to collect deposits for future services

Webinar Topic Ideas:

  • Immunity
  • Women’s Intimate Health 
  • Urinary Incontinence 
  • Functional Medicine (inflammation, gut health, etc)
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Weight Management
  • Body Sculpting
  • Hormones
  • Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cells, PRP, etc)
  • Mommy Makeovers

6 Steps for Hosting a Webinar:

  1. Choose your webinar topic & prepare
  2. Record the webinar with screen share (use Zoom or another screen share service)
  3. Set up your landing page & broadcast room (Clickfunnels, Leadpages, or Hubspot)
  4. Set up your email automation (Mailchimp, Constant Contact)
  5. Market your webinar (Email, Social, Google My Business, Eventbrite, Website)
  6. Follow up with leads & book virtual consults! NOW!

Learn more about how to host a webinar:

WEBINARS have been proven to educate and attract high quality patients to your practice. If you offer services such as: vaginal rejuvenation, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, bio-identical hormones, weight loss, food intolerance, or body sculpting, this is the ideal way to reach patients, who can learn about your expertise and services in the comfort of their own home.

Medical Marketing Whiz hosted a training event on how to host a webinar.  Check out the recording below!

How to Host a Webinar

You'll learn:
  • What is an evergreen webinar?
  • What are the best topics for a webinar?
  • What you need to record a webinar?
  • How to market a webinar?
  • What is a sales funnel?

Register for the training here --->

Webinar Marketing Experts for Medical Practices

If you'd like to get a quote on our done-for-you webinar program, simply schedule a call with us!  Not only will we implement a turnkey evergreen webinar, but you will also get 90 days of our Marketing Response Plan program included at no additional charge.  That's the Evergreen Webinar, PLUS 3 months of social marketing marketing, email marketing, Local SEO, and reputation management.  

You can schedule a call at a time that's convenient for you here:  

Medical Social Media Marketing Experts: 888-418-8065  

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