Email Marketing Tips for Doctors

Doctors' Best Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is the secret of the busiest doctors and medical practices.  In fact, 60% of marketers say email marketing produces their highest marketing ROI. At Medical Marketing Whiz, we specialize in email marketing for doctors.  Here are some tips for growing your email list, building loyalty and generating revenue.  

Collect Patient Email for Marketing

Be sure your website has a method for collecting patient emails.  Building your email list is imperative to your success with adding patients to your practice.

Newsletters for Doctors' Email Marketing

Sending out a monthly email newsletter not only educates your patients, but also brings awareness about your services. Regular newsletters are a marketing method that builds trust, and results in more treatments, and increased revenue for your doctor's office.

Plus, the cost of email marketing is very minimal compared to other digital marketing tactics, mailers and print materials.

How to Build a Doctor's Email Marketing List

  1. Be sure your front staff is collecting email addresses from every patient.  If they currently aren’t, make it part of your intake form immediately.
  2. Export your emails from your EMR in an Excel format and scrub the list to remove any emails with a syntax error (this is important to ensure you don’t have a high bounce rate).  
  3. Add an opt-In freebie to your website such as a Free E-book.  You can promote this freebie on social media and on your website. When people download the E-book, they will need to opt-in with their name and email adress - which you can add to your email marketing list. 
  4. Add a newsletter sign up to your website so that patients can subscribe to your newsletter and get access to VIP specials and event invitations.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Doctors

  1. Improve patient trust, loyalty and retention
  2. Increase patient awareness of new services, technologies & treatments
  3. Grow volume of elective, discretionary and cash procedures
  4. Generate more patient referrals
  5. Reach more new and potential patients

Understanding E-Mail Marketing for Doctors

It's important to understand that email marketing by doctors is very different than simply sending out routine email notices about health information to patients.  With doctors' email marketing, there is no patient information shared - and the goal of the email blast is education and promotion. .  

Remember the key rule of doctors' marketing is :“tell your patients over and over what it is you do”. Do not assume that they know what services you offer just because there are brochures in your waiting room. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics that doctors can use to improve patient retention and increase patient interest in new (and elective) procedures.

We Help Doctors with Email Marketing

Medical Marketing Whiz is unlike any other marketing agency - because we specialize exclusively in doctors and medical professionals!  If you are a doctor who would like to grow your practice, increase elective and cash procedures, improve patient loyalty, generate referrals or acquire new patients, we can help.

Doctors' Email Marketing Specialists: 888-418-8065.

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