Top 5 Reasons Doctors' Facebook Ads Get Denied

Are you a Doctor whose Facebook ad was denied? You are NOT alone! 

We understand. You're a busy doctor, but you've worked hard to get your Facebook ad just right. Your image is ideal, your copy is fine tuned, and your targeting is right on. But then Facebook rejects your ad. What?! Why?

If you are a doctor whose Facebook ad has been denied, these 5 important tips for doctors' Facebook ads can help!

There are 5 important reasons Facebook ads for doctors get denied. 

1.  Too much text in your image.

This is one of the top reasons for rejection. While you are free to write a long Facebook post about your adorable dog or why your dinner experience at a certain restaurant was a disaster, Facebook does not want to see all those words in your ad!

When Facebook ads were new you could not have text appear in more than 20% of your image. The rules now are not quite as strict but an ad with a lot of text can limit your reach or increase your cost per click. 

Bottom line: Reduce font size or spacing, or better yet, write a better, shorter headline!

2.  Trying to advertise a banned topic on Facebook. 

While you may not be selling unsafe supplements or spyware, Facebook will not allow you to promote a pharmaceutical product. Leave out a direct reference to a product name and promote a 15 minute wrinkle treatment instead. 

3.  Your doctor's landing page is sketchy. 

Facebook looks at the message in your ad and also at the landing page where the user ends up. The landing page must be relevant to the ad copy and image. It should also include your contact information and provide a good user experience. 

4.  Your Facebook ad suggests characteristics about your target audience. 

Simply put, avoid using the word “you” in your ad copy. Your ad should not imply your users age, financial status, religion, medical condition, disability, race or even sexual orientation. 

Facebook doesn’t want anyone to feel offended So if  your Facebook ad suggests that your audience is a particular way, your ad could be denied.

For example, instead of saying: “We can dramatically improve your sexual health!”

Try saying: “Millions of women experience changes to their gynecological health. We know these changes affect their personal life, and we are thrilled to be able to help. We offer a simple, proven solution to help women feel well again!”

This lets the reader decide if your Facebook ad applies to them or not. 

5.  Your grammar teacher would not approve of your Facebook ad.

Be careful about capitalizing whole words in your doctor's Facebook ad (so you users don’t feel like you are yelling at them). Keep your Facebook ad copy clear, readable and free from grammatical errors. 

Here's the main take-a-away for doctors' Facebook ads: Play by the rules (which, by the way, are always changing...we can help keep you up to date on that!)  If your doctor Facebook ad is denied, you can submit an appeal. Or you can call the doctor Facebook ad specialists at Medical Marketing Whiz for help 888-418-8065.

We Help Doctors with Facebook Ads

Medical Marketing Whiz is unlike any other marketing agency and likely just what you need!  If you are a doctor whose Facebook ad has been denied - or you are simply at a loss or too busy to deal with Facebook ads - we can help.

Doctors' Facebook Ad Specialists: 888-418-8065.

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