What's Missing From Your Medical Marketing Strategy?

You know that your medical practice needs to show up online in order to attract quality new patients.   But how exactly do you make that happen without wasting time and money? There are specific action steps your practice can take to get found online and start attracting more patients today. Here are three of the most important places to start.

1. Google yourself

Think about it. If a friend introduces you to a potential new patient at a cocktail party, what is the first thing that person is going to do?

"Go home and “Google” you. The same is true for traditional advertising such as radio ads or direct mail flyers. For any medical marketing you do, potential patients will Google your practice first to learn more about you, your services and to get your phone number and directions.  So you need to have a Google My Business profile, your website needs to show up on the first page of Google's search results, and your Google reviews need to be at least a 4-star average.  Make sure you've claimed your Google My Business listing and updated the images, office hours, and website.  You should brand your Google listing to match the look and feel of your website.

2.  Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Google now indexes websites based on their mobile versions.  If your website doesn't pass the Google mobile friendly test....its time you consider an update.  Your website should work on all mobile devices including phones (both Apple and Android) and all browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).  All links and buttons should work properly including links to call your office, links to driving directions and an opt-in for your patient newsletter. If your website doesn't meet these basic criteria - its time for an update!  Medical Marketing Whiz designs SEO optimized, mobile friendly medical websites that meet all of these criteria! Learn more about our websites and SEO services.

3.  Focus On Getting Five-Star Google Reviews

Now that you have a professional mobile-friendly website that converts traffic into high-quality patients, it is time to look at your online reputation & Google Reviews. You already know that Google Reviews can impact your overall results in search ranking. But what’s more, Google Reviews are an extremely eye-catching way to show social proof.

Not only do your practice’s reviews need to show up at the top of the results page, but the stars immediately catch your eye! If you have the choice between a medical practice with numerous five-star reviews, or a one with no stars at all, which are you going to choose?

Today’s patients consider reviews far more relevant than where doctors went to school, how many years they have been practicing and even the range of services they offer.

Your goal now is to get at least 50 Google reviews for your practice.  This will boost your overall search ranking in Google AND show patients that you've cared for many patients who are very happy with your services.

88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and even more interesting; 86% of consumers will pay more for services with higher ratings and reviews.  For a deep dive into Google Reviews, check out our free guide "Get More 5-Star Reviews:  The Ultimate Guide to Online Reviews for Doctors"  or visit our website for more information on Reputation Management services.

4. Email & Social:  A Powerful Pair

Unlike conventional marketing methods, email marketing is an influential way to cultivate relationships at nominal variable cost vs print advertising or mail.  Email marketing is trackable and offers pertinent information on how to attune your email for maximum open rates and conversions.

Healthcare marketing emails (aka patient e-newsletters) have been shown to have the 2nd highest open rate of any email marketing.  It's about making a real connection, building trust, educating your patients and telling them about the various services that you offer.  You can't assume your patients know everything you do.  You have to tell them....over and over....and that's what email marketing can do....in an educational way that patients look forward to reading.

Social Media is now considered a basic marketing fundamental for medical marketing.  This is where your patients ARE!  Its the perfect platform for sharing your services, thoughts, health articles and products. It's a way to engage with your current patients and grow a following outside of your patient base by sharing content that is meaningful and engaging.

More than 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health.  Start with Facebook and add other social media channels such as Instagram or Youtube once you master one social media channel first.

For an in-depth guide training on these strategies, be sure watch our FREE Webinar "The 10 Medical Marketing Strategies that Get Results".

Lori Werner - Chief Marketing Whiz

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