The Holiday Card that Keeps on Giving!

What do we mean by “Keeps on Giving?” This card idea sparks patient interaction that brings them in your door during the slower winter months and beyond! Let’s face it, the blustery cold can easily make someone put off their injectable appointments for a few more weeks. The patients inspired by this holiday card and gift card tend to keep coming throughout the year as well....

The holidays in December are the perfect opportunity to plan a "touchpoint" with 1) patients who may not have been into the office in a while and 2) a personal greeting to your regular clients/patients. This holiday card campaign has generated thousands of dollars in business for clients and made Jan & Feb some of the busiest months of the entire year

(Ref: Drum, T. 2013). 

Example Medical Marketing Holiday Card

Here is how it works:  

*Take a group photo of your staff at your holiday party. The card is more memorable when your patients see YOU and your staff. With the personal pictures, they are more likely to save it rather than toss it with the junk mail. Added bonus: Have your staff signatures added to the artwork file so each card looks personalized. 

*The card will go out to a target list of your patients (If you are a Medical Marketing Whiz client, we can create the card for you. We can also purchase a targeted a mailing list to send to a target audience around your office with specific demographics).  

*The card should include a gift card with a note from the practice.  For example, it could include a $50 gift card for you and $50 for a friend to be redeemed in January or February 2020 (with a list of services that the gift card can be applied towards such as Botox, vaginal health treatments, body sculpting, Hydrafacial, laser skin rejuvenation, etc).  The plastic credit card type gift cards have a high redemption rate vs paper ones. You could also include an invite to your upcoming event in Q1 2020.

Example gift card medical marketing

Here is an example of how this campaign can generate revenue:

  • Holiday cards sent: 3000
  • Patient visits generated 104
  • Revenue from patient visits $49,841
  • Campaign cost $4000

Total Revenue generated $45,841

Extra tips: 

  • The earlier in the year you can begin the planning for your holiday card, the stronger your effort will be! Deciding to jump on this in December would be too late. Remember to allow time for custom printing. If you happen to read this blog post in the summer, go ahead and get that awesome shot of your office staff and you will be ahead of the game for creating and printing your holiday card! 
  • Increase exposure and return for your cards but getting patients excited for the card to arrive. Use social media to show “the making of the card” from your office photoshoot, and share the timeline of when they should start seeing their cards in the mail.
  • If you have missed the holiday timeframe, this idea can also be used for New Year's, Valentine’s Day or even Mother's Day. 

If you'd like to learn more about these revenue generating ideas for your aesthetic office or medical practice, schedule a call with one of our marketing whizzes for a free marketing analysis and ideas call.  

~ Medical Marketing Whiz

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