Why patients may choose your competitor

You need to show off the best parts of your practice in order to attract the patients you want.  The best way to do that is by managing your online reviews.  Otherwise your new patients will end up at your competitor’s office.

Here's an example.  Kate is a 45 year old breast cancer survivor and successful real estate agent in your local area. She is looking for a new gynecologist who can address her issue with painful intercourse that she's experienced ever since she went through her breast cancer treatments.

- She starts where most new patients do and searches Google for OBGYN’s in her area.

- She’s automatically drawn to the practices with 5 star reputations and positive reviews.

- She ignores any practice that has a Google star rating of 3 or less, assuming those physicians aren’t good enough for her.

- The end result is she ends up being treated by a hospital owned OBGYN because they have plenty of reviews posted.

What happened?

Your practice just missed a new patient who is a great candidate for your MonaLisa Touch laser treatment because you aren’t managing your online reputation.

We don’t have to tell you that being a physician is one of those professions where reputation means everything...

Online reviews are the #1 way your reputation can be either damaged or improved and are the new “word of mouth”.

Your practice’s online reputation could mean the difference between having a successful medical practice and having one that barely survives from year to year.

So, do online reviews really matter? The short answer is YES!

Nearly 9 out of 10 people will call a physician office with the 5 star Google review first. New patients want a doctor with this type of online reputation.

The most successful practices get the right online reviews and use them to WIN quality patients over hospital owned practices.

A common question we get is, “But how can I convince the right patients to leave me a review without sounding too pushy?”

There’s a simple 5 step process you and your staff can follow to get a 5 star review from your best patients in less than 10 minutes...

Getting the right reviews from your best patients starts with your front office staff. In our comprehensive Guide To Online Reviews For Doctors we’ll show you:

get more 5 star reviews

  • How to train your staff to ask for reviews
  • How to handle those inevitable negative reviews and turn them into positive marketing for your practice
  • How to take control of your online reviews and create a 5-star reputation
Don’t miss this essential step of your process toward winning patients from your competitors.  Learn more about reputation management and Google reviews HERE!
Access The Guide Here

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